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I had not changed my resume for nearly 10 years when I sat down with Maggie, and I learned that hiring managers are looking for so many different things today when they review your qualifications. Maggie was very easy to work with and shared a great deal of knowledge about how to highlight your accomplishments and catch the eye of recruiters with an effective CV. I was extremely pleased with the results. With Magnify Your Resume's assistance, I now have a lot more confidence going forward with my job search.   -Joe C. (Professional Resume)
​​Magnify Your Resume Services did a fantastic job on my resume!  Since posting my new resume, I have received more interviews and far more interactions from recruiters and managers.  Magnify Your Resume capitalized on my strong points and boosted my confidence in the hiring market! I am so glad I went with Magnify Your Resume Services!
-Maria C. (Professional Resume)
Writing a federal government resume can be tedious and require a lot of effort.  I turned to Magnify Your Resume to help me with my needs and hopes of landing a government job.  Magnify Your Resume services consulted with me, produced a great product and I am happy to say that I am now gainfully employed by the federal government.  Thank you Magnify Your Resume Services!
-Raquel R. (Federal Government Resume)
After being in my job for a few years and becoming more frustrated, I decided to begin searching for a new job.  I was not getting the right results with my current resume and after sending it to Magnify Your Resume, and a brief consultation about my current resume, I received an updated and professional asthetically pleasing resume!   My old resume did not showoff my knowledge and abilities and my new resume by Magnify Your Resume emphasized the right skills. 
After posting my new resume, I received several interviews, job offers and I confidently attribute it to Maggie's hard work!  -Laura S. (Professional Resume)

Magnify Your Resume has mastered the craft of resume writing; honing my years of experience. I received excellent and professional services in a timely manner.  I immediately received responses after posting my resume. I highly recommend Magnify Your Resume.  Thank you again Magnify Your Resume!!!
-Tiffany L. (Professional Resume)


 I was not familiar with what recruiters or hiring managers needed.  I looked for assistance with Magnify Your Resume Services and she was able to meet with me and walk me through the hiring process. Her assistance and attention to detail enabled me to get noticed by various recruiters and companies.  I highly recommend Magnify Your Resume services!
-Greg B. (Professional Resume)
I recently contacted Magnify Your Resume for help with my federal resume. I provided the requisition number for the job and a copy of the resume I had been using. My entire experience  was perfect from beginning to end. Maggie was wonderful and was able to convey my skills, interests, and accomplishments clearly while satisfying the requirements of the position. Her expertise was the crucial factor that pushed my resume to the top of the pile and secured me an interview with the hiring managers. Top-notch experience! 
-Chris R. (Federal Government Resume)
I was stuck in a professional rut, but Magnify Your Resume came to my rescue!  Maggie redid my resume, assisted me in evaluating which sectors I would like to focus on and then extensively provided me with guidance and coaching in helping me prep for my interviews.  Not only do I appreciate her extensive experience and knowledge of the hiring process, but the energy and confidence I took away from this is pricesless!  
 -Efua O.  (Professional and Federal Resume)
Magnify Your Resume helped me make a crucial career transition from an entry level role to management level position. Maggie leveraged her expertise in HR and recruiting to refine my resume to help it stand out. Specifically, she helped translate my relevant skills so that my strengths were highlighted, and I was truly representing my best self on my resume. She also provided interview coaching tips, helping me feel confident and prepared!
-Erin (Professional Resume & Interview Coaching)
Wow, what an improvement! I tried numerous times to get in a government contracting and that was difficult, but with the help Magnify Your Resume I was able to spruce up my resume and the land a position with the Department of Defense. Your resume writing expertise got me the interview and the promotion I was seeking. The most amazing thing is now my phone won’t stop rings for interviews!  Thank you so much!  -Leslie R. (Federal Resume)

I was using my same old resume and not getting any results.  I was looking for work in the Gas and Oil industry and the market was currently down.  I spent several months applying with zero to no results.  I turned to Magnify Your Resume service and after a brief consultation I had a complete updated and rejuvinated resume!  My resume looked completely different and I was skeptical at first, but Maggie assured me that this is what hiring managers are looking for!  Her years of experience as a Human Resource Professional paid off, within a week of posting and reposting to previous jobs I had applied for, I received phone calls, emails to schedule phone interviews and face to face interviews instantly! I am happy to say that I am back at work and I have all respect for Magnify Your Resume's technique and experience writing resumes!  I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to make a change or have an updated resume at hand!
-David. M (Professional Resume)